Why Should You Outsource Your HR


Why should you outsource HR?

  1. Access HR experts
  1. Have better access to technology
  1. Save time and focus on other things
  1. Reduce costs in the long run

Human relations (HR) is an integral part of any business.

The HR department is responsible for many things — including recruiting staffing, providing training, managing employees, managing attendance and payroll, and many more.

The work of an HR professional is broad and complex.

For this reason, many companies don’t have the capacity to handle it all in-house.

To know why should you outsource your HR, keep on reading!

Access HR Experts

HR outsourcing is for businesses that face challenges with handling HR tasks.

This may happen because of not having enough in-house HR staff to balance all HR functions or spending too much time on HR tasks, which reduces the time for other business needs.

In this case, HR outsourcing will be beneficial.

When you get help from a third party, you get access to a team of experts that can help you with various HR tasks.

Because they’re trained and experienced in their role, you can get the expertise you need immediately. 

Have Access To Better Technology

Other than talented people, HR outsourcing gives you access to better technology.

Trying to DIY HR technology can be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you don’t have previous experience in doing so.

In most cases, you will end up with disparate systems and similar programs, which can do more harm than good.

Managing separate systems can be time-consuming. 

Outsourcing your HR to an organization with a tried and tested technology platform can help you improve your workflows.

For instance, Human Incubator has developed the Easy Series, an original cloud service series.

Under this, there is EasyHR, which is a comprehensive HR solution that can help your HR department manage its tasks. 

This eliminates having disparate systems since EasyHR features HR automation, record-keeping, and an employee portal too.

It can also be used to handle multiple companies and multiple branches. 

EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Save Time And Focus On Other Things

HR tasks can be time-consuming, especially if you have a small in-house team that is expected to juggle multiple responsibilities — from recruitment and employee management, to payroll and others.

Some HR processes are lengthy too, especially if everything is done manually.

Sometimes, this results in errors. 

By outsourcing HR, you can free up a lot of your team’s time, and use this time to work for the further growth of your business.

It allows your team to focus on long-term goals that are crucial for your organization.

You can do this by outsourcing some of your HR functions to professionals or by relying on a system that can automate tedious tasks — such as EasyHR

EasyHR is a cloud-based solution, which means that you can access data on multiple devices and locations — not just from the office, which means that it can save time.

It can help automate most of the repetitive HR tasks, whether it’s Daily Time Recording (DTR) computation or payroll computation.

This leaves your HR team more time to focus on other tasks. 

EasyHR also keeps all employee records in one system, so you don’t have to manage different files and folders, which can be time-consuming too.

Aside from that, EasyHR is beneficial for your employees too.

They can log in and check their records online, whether they need to view their payslip, loans, or others.

This frees up time for your existing HR team. 

Reduce Costs In The Long Run

Building and managing a large in-house HR team can be costly.

Aside from recruitment and hiring costs, you also have to make sure to retain your employees by providing them with competitive salaries and benefits.

Not all companies can afford this, which is why many organizations look into HR outsourcing. 

You will need to pay to outsource your HR tasks, but the costs would be less than hiring a new HR employee in-house.

In addition to that, because you can save time, it means that you can find other opportunities to increase revenue for your company.

Since you’re outsourcing experts, this minimizes errors — which can also be costly. 

Using a reliable cloud-based HR solution can also help reduce costs, since you can manage HR tasks without having to hire a large team!

EasyHR also has a 30-Day free trial. 

Key Takeaway

You may be considering outsourcing your HR, especially if your existing HR department can’t manage all HR tasks properly.

HR outsourcing has plenty of benefits, including improved workflow, access to better technology, saved time, and reduced costs. 

Now that you know why should you outsource your HR, you can make an informed decision for your organization.

If you need help in automating tedious HR tasks and making your overall HR workflow more efficient, you can contact us here at Human Incubator! 

We can help you get started with the EasyHR, a cloud-based HR solution.

Other than this, we also have EasyFS, an accounting cloud software, and EasyPOS, which can help you manage day-to-day transactions.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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