The Benefits of EasyRestaurant: How Mobile POS Can Improve Your Restaurant Operations


Johnny Kawa


“How do I keep my customers happy?” “How do I keep them coming back?” Just a couple of questions every restaurant owner asks. In today’s fast-paced and tech-savvy world, restaurant owners are constantly seeking innovative solutions to streamline their operations and enhance customer experiences. One such solution is EasyRestaurant, a mobile-friendly POS (Point of Sale) system designed to revolutionize the way restaurants operate. EasyRestaurant seamlessly integrates with EasyPOS, the BIR-accredited POS software, providing a comprehensive and efficient solution for managing restaurant operations. Additionally, it integrates seamlessly with EasyHQ, a web-based POS data consolidator that is ideal for multi-branch restaurant chains. In this blog post, we will explore the benefits of EasyRestaurant and how it can improve your restaurant operations.

Increased Mobility and Flexibility:

EasyRestaurant brings the power of mobility to your restaurant operations. EasyRestaurant is a browser-based software application that only requires a Local Area Network for your staff’s EasyRestaurant mobile devices — whether Android or IOS — to work. An internet connection is not required. With this mobile POS solution, your staff can take orders and process payments directly at the table, providing a seamless and personalized dining experience for your customers. The ability to move around freely allows your staff to cater to customer needs more efficiently, resulting in faster service and increased table turnover. Whether you operate a busy restaurant, a bustling café, or a food truck, EasyRestaurant enables you to take your mobile-friendly POS system wherever your business takes you.

Streamlined Order Management:

Efficient order management is essential for any restaurant. Browser-based EasyRestaurant simplifies the process by allowing your staff to input orders directly into the mobile POS system. This eliminates the need for handwritten notes or relying on memory, reducing order errors and ensuring accuracy. Orders are instantly transmitted to the kitchen, expediting food preparation and minimizing waiting times for customers. With EasyRestaurant, you can optimize your order management workflow, ensuring smooth operations and improved customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Customer Engagement:

EasyRestaurant empowers your staff to provide exceptional customer service. With this mobile POS solution, your servers can access detailed customer information, such as preferences, allergies, and special requests, right at their fingertips. This enables personalized interactions and the ability to cater to individual customer needs. By going the extra mile and delivering a memorable dining experience, you can build strong customer loyalty and generate positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Real-Time Inventory Management:

Efficient inventory management is crucial for cost control and ensuring a steady supply of ingredients. EasyRestaurant integrates seamlessly with EasyPOS, the BIR-accredited POS software, providing real-time inventory updates. When a customer places an order through EasyRestaurant, the inventory levels are automatically adjusted, providing you with an accurate view of stock availability. This helps prevent stockouts, minimizes food waste, and allows for timely reordering. With real-time inventory management, you can optimize your stock levels, reduce costs, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Easy Integration with EasyHQ:

For multi-branch restaurant chains, EasyHQ, the web-based POS data consolidator, is a game-changer. EasyRestaurant seamlessly integrates with EasyHQ, allowing you to consolidate data from multiple branches into a single platform. Need to view your sales data in real-time, identify your top-3 performing branches, and understand which top-3 products are driving the most revenue? No problem! The EasyHQ Dashboard has that covered! How about the sales in each of your branches? Better still, do you want to see your sales per hour per branch? No sweat. EasyHQ does it for you!

This provides you with a centralized view of your business operations, simplifying reporting, analysis, and decision-making. With EasyHQ, you can generate comprehensive reports on sales, inventory, and customer trends across all branches, enabling you to identify areas of improvement, standardize processes, and make informed business decisions. And did we hear “any time, anywhere?”

Efficient Menu Management:

Managing menus across multiple platforms can be a daunting task. EasyRestaurant simplifies menu management by syncing seamlessly with the BIR-accredited EasyPOS software. Any changes or updates made to your menu in the EasyPOS system are reflected in the mobile-friendly EasyRestaurant in real-time. This ensures consistency and accuracy across all platforms, whether it’s the mobile POS, online ordering, or third-party delivery apps. With EasyRestaurant, you can easily introduce seasonal specials, update pricing, and modify menu items, giving you the agility to adapt to changing customer preferences and market trends.


EasyRestaurant, the mobile-friendly POS solution integrated with BIR-accredited EasyPOS software, is a game-changer for restaurants looking to enhance their operations. From increased mobility and flexibility to streamlined order management and enhanced customer engagement, EasyRestaurant offers a host of benefits that can take your restaurant to new heights. Moreover, its seamless integration with POS data consolidator EasyHQ provides multi-branch restaurant chains with centralized data management and reporting capabilities. Embrace the power of EasyRestaurant and unlock the potential for improved efficiency, increased customer satisfaction, and ultimately, greater business success.
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