Systems Development Contracting

by Human Incubator

From Inception to Design to Implementation to Maintenance… At Human Incubator, we cover the entire Systems Development Life Cycle because we realize Systems Development is not just an Entree. It’s the entire restaurant!

HII Systems Development Contracting

Why Human Incubator is the right choice

Human Incubator is your obvious choice as your Offshore Development Center.

It is home to Software Engineers who speak English fluently. They are highly educated, motivated, hard-working, and dedicated IT professionals. They are customer-centric and are culturally compatible with Western countries.

Human Incubator has the most affordable and cost-efficient business solution to this side of Asia.

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What is Systems Development Contracting?

Systems Development is the process of defining, designing, testing, and implementing a new software application or program.

The objective is to create an IT system meeting customers needs in a trouble-free way, by an agreed time, for an agreed price.

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5 Phases Of Systems Development


1. Inception

Planning & requirement analysis; a rough draft of the system.


2. Design

The list of potential risks the system has to deal with.


3. Implementation

System configuration and creation of functional software, testing, and verification.


4. Maintenance

Debugging and updating if new risks are identified.


5. Audit

Risk management plan assessment and any necessary refinements.

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