Join us at 2:00 PM Friday, March 17, 2023 for a free webinar entitled “How POS Systems with Online Data Consolidators are Revolutionizing Restaurant Management in the Philippines“. Find out how owners of multi-branch restaurants maintain command and control of their operations at their fingertips, no matter where they are.

Jigger Escala, Business Analyst at Human Incubator, will share with you how to make this happen!

Running a multi-branch restaurant or store chain can be a headache. You have to keep track of sales data, inventory, and staffing across multiple locations, all while trying to make informed decisions that drive revenue and growth. So how is it done? Jigger Escala will show us how!

If you register for our Free Webinar today, we will send you a recording of the webinar free of charge!

Attend with your friends! The more the merrier.

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