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How employees are treated is essential in any organization.

Employees that are well taken care of are bound to resonate progressive effects to a certain company.

We can confidently say that the workforce is one of the major aspects that keeps the business up and running.

And with that being said, it is only logical to focus on the same aspect.

In addition, it is practical to strengthen  the workforce and provide them with services that will boost their morale to ensure productivity and increased efficiency of the company.

Like any other relationship, an employer-employee relationship works in the same concept.

If you acknowledge your employees, they will reciprocate that effort. 

Introducing Your Employees to HR Portals

There is a constant change in the workforce and the platform it operates.

From being required to report onsite, now we have leveraged our modern technology to establish a work from home setup and still meet the client’s demands.

The same concept was applied to improve our HR systems nowadays.

Like how we transition from the traditional methods to embracing digital HR systems. 

We are used to using timesheets to do manual timekeeping, and manual calculations to ensure the employees payroll information.

But now HR portals are already introduced to employees for better experience.

HR portal is the common platform that connects the HR department and the corporate team.

HR portal eliminates the tedious task of setting up timesheets to do the timekeeping of the employees, as well as the higher probability of having erroneous and inaccurate payroll processes and information.

With HR portal being introduced, a more simplified access to documents related to HR operations is taken in place, making it the perfect tool to improve workforce management.

Why Implement An HR Portal?

We can consider that employees are one of the assets of the company.

Therefore, how you treat them is rather paramount.

Implementing an HR portal to help them have a better HR experience will do any company a favor.

Having one has its perks and is surely beneficial for your company.

To ponder its perks further, we can consider these items:

  1. Employees Can Do HR Transactions Remotely And Easily

    HR portal is also known as employee self-service system or ESS system.
    The application of HR self-service portal goes beyond regular document management.
    It also offers modules for time and attendance management, performance evaluation, payroll information, and the likes.
    The portal is an employee interface in human resource management software that allows the HR department and the corporate team to access and navigate the system with ease.
    HR portals offer flexibility features where employees can edit desired information as and when required.
    With cloud based HR and payroll software, you can do HR transactions with any device that is compatible with Cloud Service Technology: Smart mobile phones, Laptops, PCs, tablets, and the likes.
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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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  1. Security Is Guaranteed

    HR portals offer unique and personalized features for each employee.
    A secured access to personal information is guaranteed since with HR portal being implemented, each employee is given a username and password, giving them individual access to view and access data.
    With the application of cloud based HR and payroll software, it is guaranteed that all of your data is secured since your data is encrypted and automatically backed up to the cloud.
    With the data and records stored in the cloud, you need not install a server since it is the cloud server itself.
  1. Ensures Regulatory Compliance

    Payroll firms are knowledgeable enough to ensure that compliance with state or federal laws must be instituted.
    We are dealing with legal activities anyway.
    Seeking assistance from payroll services saves you the hassle of legal issues and the expected payments it associates.
    It eases your burden of compliance, and eliminates the need to have comprehensive tax legislation knowledge.
  1. Assessment Portal To Ensure Employee’s Development

    HR online portals have been utilized to become a means to manage appraisals.
    All of the information, activities, and plans of the employees are displayed in the HR online portal or software, which are reviewed by HR managers, giving them the leisure to assess every staff member.
    The summary of the employees’ performance has been entered onto the portal by the HR managers for the sole purpose of calibration process of the staff members to assess their performance and development.
  1. Efficiency and Productivity Are Guaranteed

    HR online portal eliminates the tedious process of manual timekeeping and payroll processes, so it saves you a considerable amount of time.
    HR online portal gives the HR staff the leisure to establish business strategies to come up with possible opportunities.
    With more time on hand, it gives your team the opportunity to come up with helpful, client-friendly services, strategies, and new business development to satisfy your client’s needs, as well as meet your objectives.
    With cloud based HR and payroll software, tedious manual time and attendance management are no more, and inaccurate payroll calculations are eliminated.
    Ergo, efficiency is improved, then productivity will follow.

Join The Trend

If you are a startup company, then build a better HRIS with an online HR portal.

HR portal offers a better HR experience, promotes a more connected working environment for employees and the HR team, and contributes a plethora of advantages to help the company grow and develop professionally.

Have a better HR experience as you move your HR processes to the HR portal.

Automate your HR processes through EasyHR as it will provide you with the best solutions to address your HR concerns.

Implement an online HR portal with EasyHR.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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