Improve Employee Engagement With Employee Self Service Portal


Employees sure are the limbs of an organization.

Failing to maintain them, the same organization is bound to lose the opportunity to move forward.

It is of utmost importance to provide them with good enough services to keep their morale in place.

A dire situation surely awaits an organization that is gradually losing its manpower.

And it will be its loss in so many aspects.

But the unwanted situation will be prevented otherwise if the employees are well taken care of.

It is undeniable. Employees are one of the biggest assets that any company can possess.

Good enough, employers can now avail themselves of a quality software solution to take care of their employees, as well as addressing their day-to-day concerns.

Introduction to HR Online Portals

Constant change in the designated work premise, where the workforce can work on to, has been an evident evolution in a typical corporate organization.

From being required to report onsite, now we have leveraged the right technology and established a work from home setup and still manage to meet the client’s demands.

HR online portals have played a significant role upon accomplishing the said feat, we can say.

Contributing to the success of the online transition, HR online portals managed to establish a healthy online connection between the HR department and the corporate team.

HR portal is the common platform that connects them.

It eliminates the tedious task of setting up timesheets to do the timekeeping of the employees, as well as the higher probability of having erroneous and inaccurate payroll processes and information.

With HR portal being introduced, a more simplified access to documents related to HR operations is taken in place, making it the perfect tool to improve workforce management.

Why Is HR Online Portals A Good Option?

1. Enables The Company To Manage HR Operations Remotely And With Ease

HR online portal, also known as employee self-service system or ESS system, is an employee interface in human resource management software that provides the employees with advantages like completing HR transactions online, and perks like navigating the system remotely and with ease.

Modules for time and attendance management, performance evaluation, and payroll information – these are just some of the HR reports that the online portal caters, making the tedious and crucial HR tasks more accurate and easier for the HR managers to work on to.

Being an ESS system, employees can enjoy a flexible platform where they can edit desired information as and when required.

Implementing an HRIS and payroll system on one’s end, the company no longer has to worry about physical management of HR operations since remote access is already provided.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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2. A Good Platform to Assess Employees’ Development

HR online portals are especially designed to become a means to manage appraisals.

All of the information, activities, performances, evaluation reports, and plans of the employees have been transparent to the HR managers, giving them the leisure to professionally assess the team.

The summary of the employees’ performance has been entered onto the portal by the HR managers and has been carefully evaluated so as to assess their performance and development.

3. A Good Platform to Help the HR Department Do More Administrative Tasks

By implementing an HRIS and payroll system on one’s end, HR operations have been streamlined and centralized, giving the HR department the opportunity to do HR tasks more efficiently.

From employee personal data and updates, recruitment, employee onboarding and training, payroll, time and attendance, performance management, and the likes, the business organization can now execute these HR duties with utmost accuracy and confidence considering that an HRIS is at hand.

A systematic integration on the HR operations will undeniably increase the speed of the HR transactions of the organization.

4. Ensures Regulatory Compliance

Payroll firms are knowledgeable enough to ensure that compliance with state or federal laws must be instituted.

We are dealing with legal activities, therefore, it must be taken seriously and with utmost obedience.

Seeking assistance from payroll service providers saves you the hassle of legal issues and the expected payments it associates.

It eases your burden of compliance, and eliminates the need to have comprehensive tax legislation knowledge.

5. Empowers Employees

HR online portal promotes a better platform for both the HR department and the corporate team.

The same online portal improves employee engagement as it provides a better means of communication. Implementing an HRIS system is also  taking care of the employees’ well-being.

From that, employees are bound to reciprocate what’s invested in them, and as a result, employees will do their duties to their full capacity, giving a positive impact to the company’s line of progression. 

Simply put, an HR online portal empowers employees, and somehow improves the health status of the company.

Improve Your HR Operations Through EasyHR

It is evident that the HR portal offers a better HR experience, promotes a more connected working environment for employees and the HR team, and contributes a plethora of advantages to help the company grow and develop professionally.

Experience the same benefits and improve your HR operations through EasyHR.

Reliable HRIS and payroll software systems like EasyHR automates your HR processes and provides you with competitive HR solutions.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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