Keep your Employees Engaged through the Payroll Self Service Portal


According to,  the covid 19 pandemic has resulted in the remote working phenomenon and this alone has paved the way for an exponential growth for management software solutions worldwide.

It is also expected to increase since the remote working pattern has proven relevant and that most businesses continue to adapt to the work-from-home set-up deploying cloud based HR and payroll software

The HR department in general has their hands full in ensuring that the organization runs seamlessly with all the intricate details that payroll management requires.

However, a cloud based HR and payroll software has the capability to provide access to employees through the payroll self-service portal. 

With a payroll self-service portal, tasks that are repetitive and redundant can be eradicated and HR staff can be more efficient.

In fact, the global software market is anticipated to expand even more due to the growing need to cater to the needs of clients and improve customer satisfaction and service.  

In essence, the hris and payroll software with a payroll self service portal would be able to help management  create and share data in real-time with employees for better transparency and become more efficient in handling HR as a whole.

What is a payroll self-service portal?

Most often also called an employee self-service or ESS, this system is a feature provided by some cloud based HR and payroll software that enables employees to perform HR-related tasks and job related concerns by themselves.

Without having to personally request from HR or perhaps seek assistance from an HR admin staff, employees can connect to the portal at any time of the day.  

With internet connection and just their desktop or mobile devices, an employee can already access the payroll service portal by logging in.

All information is readily available! 

They can check their schedules and send correspondence to their managers and can also make job related requests.

This definitely saves them time, thus improving efficiency and productivity. 

Most importantly, it can stir up employee engagement, one very vital factor in keeping employer-employee relationships healthy.

What is employee engagement? It is an important aspect of your organization because it is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees have towards themselves, their colleagues, the management and the whole organization.  

When employees engage and participate,  the benefits are amazing! Job satisfaction, improved self-esteem, employee retention and loyalty and even happiness are the benefits that HR can reap which spans much further than just HR – it resonates through the whole organization.   

A Harvard study shows that 92% of company executives believe that employees who engage, do better in their jobs, resulting in success in their careers and their teams equaling a vibrant and fit organization. 

With employee engagement harnessed in a payroll self service portal, let us now delve more into its many benefits.

But first, what does a payroll self- service portal provide for employees to do?

  • Enables them to apply for leaves and reimbursements
  • Provides employees access to payroll information and tax deductions
  • Updates their information like contact details, address , banking details and many more
  • Allows them to enroll for benefits
  • Gives them notifications and alerts in inbox for announcements birthday greetings holiday mentions and also changes in shift and schedules  
  • Provides job-related training and development
  • Serves as an avenue to air out suggestions and concerns
  • Access to performance appraisal reports and status
  • Updates on HR inquiries
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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Now here are the benefits of using a cloud based HR and payroll software that allows payroll self service portal for employees: 

  1. Improved employee engagement

    As mentioned, improved employee engagement is the first advantage of having a payroll self service portal.
    Employees  feel more valued and empowered when they have open access to information and they can freely open up to management.
  1. Fosters timeliness and fast service

    Employees can easily check their payroll and review it.
    They can also quickly update their personal information like emergency contact details and other pertinent information. 
    Leaves can easily be filed and approved in an instant.
  1. Promotes transparency of information

    Cloud based HR and payroll software provides  more accurate information promoting more transparency and gaining more trust and confidence for the organization.
  1. On time and in real-time

    There are no delays in posting since payroll self service portals are live and in real time so employees get to enjoy swift and accurate information.
  1. Cost effective with better resource allocation

    Employee self-service portals save HR time and effort that can be better further used in strategic planning and employee team building for better  relations and wellness programs.
    Thus, costs are reduced and processes become more efficient and there is more room for resources to be invested somewhere else.
  1. Harnesses streamlined systems

    A payroll self-service portal connects all processes and tasks  which includes HR tasks, payroll, revenue and others.
    It acts as a central storage of information.
    These streamlined systems make sure that tasks are implemented accurately and errors are minimized.
  1. Promotes security and safety

    As compared to manual, security of data and the integrity of the system is vouched for by an hris and payroll system.
    A cloud-based HR and payroll software secures the payroll self-service portal and  can protect sensitive data from theft or loss by restricting access to it.

Why sacrifice employee detachment when you can harness employee engagement in the most effective means?

Payroll self-service portals improve workplace efficiency and productivity, promote transparency, streamline systems and most significantly, keep employee engagement.

Human Incubator’s EasyHR is a leading-edge HRIS and payroll system  that helps your HR team manage employees through robust record-keeping and payroll functions.

It can also handle the following: 

  • On-line and Real-time Employee 201 File
  • Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation
  • Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory Deductions
  • Loan Management
  • Leave Management
  • Overtime and Tardiness Computation
  • Employee Portal
  • Multi-company and Multi-branch

Register for a free trial now and be ready to engage!

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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