Looking Into Time and Attendance Management System


Any company that values its employees and regards them as its greatest asset is sure to bring their business to greater heights.

Manpower is vital to the growth of the business.

So is the rate of productivity and efficiency that a dependable manpower provides.

It is really the key to a business’ success.

But how can you ensure productivity and efficiency in the workplace amidst the hustle and bustle?

You need to ascertain that the performance of their tasks is mainly for the benefit of the business.

Hence,  tracking employee time and attendance is one of the most helpful tools in harnessing efficiency and productivity.

While manual timekeeping systems through timesheets and other antiquated approaches are still practiced today, these have long been tried and tested to be tedious, time consuming and prone to a lot of payroll errors. 

It can be challenging for employers and frustrating for the employees, causing hindrances to operations and overall growth.

Luckily, an innovative and  advanced solution has evolved and time and attendance has never been the same. 

What was once considered an almost exclusive privilege of stable and large enterprises, time and attendance systems has now become an important tool in business for just about everyone. 

What is a time and attendance system?

It is an automated cloud based HR and payroll software system that has the ability to track employee working hours, check absences and holidays among other functions like payroll.

It helps increase efficiency and productivity while eradicating the error-prone manual time and attendance tracking that was used for ages.

Additionally, it can also produce fast and real-time reports for managers and decision makers enabling them to make informed decisions and  strategize policies for growth. 

Today’s organizations are making the most of the practicality of using advancements in time and attendance management to be able to keep track of employees’ number of hours at work.

No doubt, bringing the business to the next level means employing a time and attendance management system that is offering a wide array of benefits that one cannot say no to. 

Why has time and attendance become relevant? 

The impact of covid 19 has disrupted millions of lives.

Businesses were paralyzed and all organizations had to adapt to the new normal.

Since then, companies have had to juggle managing a workforce that is working offsite.

Those who already had  cloud based HR and payroll software thrived and were able to make adjustments easily. 

They had a competitive advantage over the ones who did manual timekeeping and were still struggling to keep up.  

What are the features that a reliable time and attendance system have?

Time and attendance management systems provide a plethora of features that make life easier for any HR staff.

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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  • Ability to Integrate

    It can easily integrate with other systems and management  tools.
  • Equipped with cloud solutions feature

    Employees and management can conveniently access necessary information from anywhere with the accurate security  access keys.  
  • Provide Reporting And Analysis

    Powerful reporting and data collection as well as analysis and future forecasting is a must-have in the search of a payroll HRMS software.
  • Clocking in and clocking out feature

    Clearly the main feature of a time and attendance management software.
    There should be several ways for employees to time in and out especially during the pandemic when most employees worked remotely.  
  • Employee self service

    This could be a portal where your employees are able to time  in and out of work and know the exact number of hours. 
    This is also where the employee can manage their leaves and check leave and sick leave balances . 

What are the benefits of a time and attendance system?

Some of the benefits of having an HRIS to look after time and attendance are:

  1. Improved Accuracy

    An HRIS with automated time and attendance management features  minimizes the risk of errors which is one of the most significant factors that contribute to problems in the organization.
    Because it is cloud-based it can consolidate employee information  in real time. 
    Cloud- based HR and payroll software can  manage complex scheduling to ensure qualified, skilled coverage while accommodating shift changes, labor law constraints, employee preferences and more. 
  1. Guaranteed Productivity

    HRIS with an advanced automated time and attendance management system is able to save time and effort by expediting tasks and management can now focus strategically on their business. 
  1. Assured employee satisfaction and loyalty

    Happy employees are able to access real time information from a cloud based HR and payroll software and can seamlessly go through a self-service.
    Employees can access their daily time record, time off requests through web-based portals or mobile apps. 
  1. Increased Cost Savings

    One of the most enticing benefits of time and attendance management systems is that the payroll HRMS software does practically everything so labor costs and time are saved.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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