Reasons Why An Employee Self Service Portal Is A Must Have


Aside from the major tasks that the HR department has in recruiting talented people and meeting their targets,  it has to deal with a variety of concerns and inquiries from employees which are often repetitive, more time-consuming and draining.

Queries like tax updates, net pay computation, unpaid leave credits, and even just an update on personal information are quite taxing to deal with day in and day out.  

It is a fact that many businesses are still using the traditional way of managing human resource concerns as well as payroll management.

They have heard about the use of an employee self service portal (ESS) but are yet to adapt to it.

As seemingly minute tasks come,  they soon pile up on the HR manager’s desk on a daily basis and become a heavy load.

Chances are, they are either disregarded or at best the response is delayed.

With the help of an employee self service (ESS) portal, employees will have the online access to make queries, updates and many more.

Now, it takes the burden away from the HR staff so they have sufficient time to zero-in into strategies in team building and development.

Having an employee self service portal (ESS) benefits not just the employees but also the HR department and the company in general.

Many HR managers are in favor of the ESS because it will allow more useful time for significant HR tasks rather than just updating a few data changes of certain employees. 

Now let us go into the details of an employee self service (ESS) portal. 

What is an employee self service (ESS) portal?

This portal is practically a web-based user interface made to provide access to data and the ability to edit relevant information in a timely manner.

Most cloud based HR and payroll software provides the ESS as a basic feature.

The self-service part is given to employees which makes them more participative and involved allowing them to view, edit and upload pertinent information into the system. 

Ultimately, this enables employees to perform  certain tasks that HR used to do for them and the portal is all to themselves on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

These varied tasks would range from their clocking in and clocking out, updating their personal information, adjusting their daily work, requesting and filing for leaves and verifying net pay.

When considering an employee self service (ESS) portal, look for a cloud based HR and payroll software that fortifies your payroll management system in such style and order.

ESS can be very crucial for any organization. Here are some reasons why an ESS is a must-have:

  1. Centralized Information

    It makes life much easier for employees by providing a portal that is accessible anywhere, anytime and is capable to perform the following tasks:
  • Leave requests 
  • Attendance monitoring and clock in and out 
  • Personal information updating 
  • Company information dissemination
  • Company notifications and announcements  
  • Salary queries and information
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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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  1. Admin Work made Easy

    HR tasks are saved and cut short since tracking employee related information is now done through the ESS portal and performed by the employees themselves.
    All such work could be done with more efficiency through the ESS portal.
  1. Cost-Effective, Practical, and Time Saving

    It is a bang for your buck when you get an employee self service (ESS)  portal.
    It is money well spent.
    The ESS portal can prove to be a practical  decision, based on the many HR tasks it can perform.
    In reality, the HR department spends too much time encoding new data from employees and regularly updating it is far more tedious.
    If every employee is doing the task, it will also save time and can save you money.
  1. Cloud Based and in Real-time

    An ESS is normally provided for by an HRIS and payroll system that is cloud based and in real time.
    So, information is saved and accessed anywhere at any time at any given day as well as updated on the dot and reflected accordingly. 
  1. Accurate Information Tracking

    Employee self service (ESS) portals provide businesses the great advantage of tracking accurate information for all of its employees.
    Information like salary, number of leaves, absences, attendance and benefits can be tracked at any given time.
    Human error is no longer a problem since information is counter checked and supported by a cloud based HR and payroll system.  
  1. Improved Employee Engagement

    The ESS portal eliminates multiple calls to the HR department for requests and allows employees to access with ease and comfort.
    This helps improve employee satisfaction and experience.
    It also boosts their worth and value in the company.
    This reason perhaps is the most long lasting benefit that can stand the test of time.

Depending on the kind of business you have and the size of your workforce there are many ESS portals available in the market today.

There are hris and payroll systems that provide an ESS portal for your growing needs.

Before choosing a portal, it is always recommended to compare a few like SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HCM , Cloud HR Cloud, etc.

One notable provider is EasyHR.

Save time and money by automating most of the HR tasks leaving you with more time to focus on strategies.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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