Should I Get an HRIS for my Business?


If you are not an HR person, then maybe the term HRIS is new to you. HRIS, better called Human Resources Information System is a software designed to help businesses meet the needs of HR as well as foster productivity in the workplace. 

Practically every company, big or small has an HR department or perhaps an employee assigned to HR. It may just be a one-man show, but a person who is still doing employee stuff is still all about HR. 

Although some companies have not really made up a team just yet, and manual recording is still being practiced, anything that has got to do with manpower, labor, employees, benefits, working conditions and the like is HR.

HR is often the first person or department you talk to when you apply for a job as well as the person who helps you when you have questions about your benefits or some other aspect of the company. 

Because HR is such a demanding department taking on payroll, managing admin, handling benefits, accepting applicants and hiring, mediating and fostering relations, conducting orientations and training, and most especially making sure that the law is protecting the employees; it needs to have a system that assists in meeting all these. 

With a Human Resource Information System, businesses today can better manage HR because it practically helps businesses use automation and technology to enhance their processes. This makes both HR and the whole company more efficient in keeping up with the growing and ever-changing trends in the workplace. 

Aside from improving workforce efficiency, there is still so much more that HRIS systems in the Philippines can do for an organization. You may be able to find a payroll system in the Philippines that can suitably meet your needs. Here are some benefits that you will make the most of if you should decide to get an HRIS software Philippines for your business:

HRIS can help make data-driven decisions

Not all HRIS systems in the Philippines provide analytics. However, try to look for other systems that provide predictive analytics, including forecasting and modeling, which can help HR professionals make more informed decisions.

HRIS is user-friendy

The user-friendliness of reliable HRIS systems in the Philippines has interfaces that ensure better usability and mobile apps may make it easier to complete job applications, perform other HR tasks, address certain HR concerns and enroll in benefits. 

HRIS observes compliance and other regulations

There are HRIS systems providers that have the capability to monitor existing government regulations and get updated with data security measures to help mitigate problems with manpower later on. 

HRIS aids in the growth of the business

An HRIS system in the Philippines is cloud-based. It has the capability of being able to handle increasing numbers of employees, and transactions, as well as the heavy volume of data and can help cope with future company expansion.

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HRIS helps reduce costs and saves time

With automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics, time is saved. There is more time now to focus on the bigger picture – growing the business.  Strategizing based on data is much easier. Labor costs are also lessened since payroll, time and attendance and other admin work are now being handled by HRIS software instead of a manual approach. 

HRIS provides reports and analytics 

HRIS provides a main and more centralized data set for all HR metrics. In fact, there are other HRIS software in the Philippines that offer sophisticated features that make data accessible on-demand and proactively generate reports, alerts, or actions for stakeholders.

HRIS is unifying and can integrate 

A reliable payroll system can integrate payroll, benefits, and time and attendance tracking into a unified system. Some can also integrate with other enterprise systems or allow end-users to create custom integrations.

If you have already made up your mind about getting HRIS software in the Philippines, then you have to carefully choose. Choosing an HRIS is an important decision. But first, scrutinize and do the following:

  1. Determine problems or challenges with your existing HR 
  1. Entertain and explore how an HRIS can help 
  1. Come up with an HRIS requirements checklist
  1. Scout and evaluate HRIS providers and then see your checklist

Although every organization has varied needs, getting HRIS software in the Philippines is the best decision you can actually make. A dependable HRIS has the ability to meet not only today’s challenges but can also anticipate the other challenges that will come. Make sure to check on service plans with extensive coverage even after implementation. And do take note of an HRIS provider that offers consultative services.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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