The Benefits of HR System for SMEs in the Philippines


It is already a common practice for medium and large-size businesses to use automated HR and payroll systems.

Having a reliable HRIS to help scale and streamline processes has greatly improved their respective businesses.

As a result, they can make more timely decisions about operations and volatile market adjustments.

But how about small businesses?

There are quite a number of businesses that disregard the need for HR Systems Philippines.

They have this notion that being small means being simple and not having many frills. 

And they tend to overlook the value of automation and digital transformation. 

In the Philippines for instance, most small businesses have not fully realized the benefits of using an HR System Philippines solution to automate their HR and Payroll.

They continue to use the traditional method, which is actually taking a toll on them, without them being aware of it.

For others, flat-out denial of the need for HR and Payroll systems. 

Most often, small businesses tend to focus more on increasing revenue and harnessing exponential returns.

For them, streamlining processes is not a priority.

Since small businesses only have a small workforce, they think that they can just manage without an HR system Philippines in place.

And of course, there’s the budget concern. As a small company, they have a limited budget for IT and HRIS.

But little do they know that when there is streamlining, there is improved efficiency and productivity.

Thus, leading to growth and revenue.

When you own a small business or just starting one, you are also responsible for managing everything from payroll, admin, HR, and even operations. 

It is a challenge, really.

You must make sure every aspect of the business works well starting from back-office operations to admin, sales, and marketing.

This means you might have a big part to play in managing payroll and compliance requirements.

As the business grows and evolves, operations, employee management, payroll, and compliance can become more complex.

And taking into account some unprecedented events like the recent pandemic, the work is staggering.

You may find yourself overwhelmed with paperwork and extended work hours, and even falling hair!

Payroll System In The Philippines to the Rescue

An HR System Philippines is a powerful tool for small businesses and start-ups looking for long-term growth while saving on costs.

As your business eventually grows, you will be challenged to compete with the big ones.

While doing this, you must also address employee and productivity concerns, and manage your financial resources.

The most suitable HR system Philippines solution can help you manage your workforce and finances effectively while trying to save up on HR expenses.

A payroll system in the Philippines also helps you keep track of your cash flow and payables, and make certain you have updated compliance requirements.

Furthermore, an HR system in the Philippines can help your small business in adapting easily to operational changes when emergencies come and crises happen.

During the pandemic, an HR system has proved to be more than helpful.

An HR System Philippines ensures “business as usual” despite the disruptions. 

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Benefits of HR System for SMEs in the Philippines

There is no doubt, small and large businesses alike need an HR system in the Philippines.

It ensures accurate and reliable management of their finances and their workforce.

These are the rest of the benefits of HR System solutions:

1. Optimized HR

One of the amazing benefits small to medium enterprises in the Philippines can avail from an HR System solution is a streamlined HR process.

Most small businesses or start-ups do not really have their own HR.

Most often it is the owner who does HR work or perhaps delegates it to the assistant.

But as the business grows, managing payroll and benefits, timekeeping, hiring and promotions, and accounting can be such a daunting task.

2. Streamlined tasks and responsibilities 

An HR System Philippines can be set up to streamline responsibilities to the personnel.

This not only improves communication between management and employees but also strengthens the monitoring of each task.

Knowing how each project is progressing and tracking the time spent on a particular task can give new insights for improvements. 

3. Set new KPIs

An HR System provides performance analytics, to assist and provide better appraisals and determine areas for improvement.

There are also new insights provided to help make more insightful decisions for the improvement of the company.

4. Convenient self-service features

A dependable HR System makes it easier for employees to look into the system and file sick and vacation leaves, as well as overtime requests.

What’s more, it will notify the person in charge about all requests that are waiting for their approval.

This saves time and yields better results and feedback.

An HR system Philippines also allows employees to access their payslips, and request reimbursements even while out of the office.

Because the HR system can be easily accessed 24/7, the monitoring of absences, emergency requests, and sick leaves is a breeze.

5. Data Security

HR System Philippines enables you to store all your company data and employee information in the cloud.

Cloud solutions offer strict and safe security assets and sophisticated data encryption.

Information is safe, while effectively reducing paperwork and paper waste.

Additionally, being in the cloud allows you to keep all your records and transactions during disruptions or crises.

6. Compatibility

Compatibility used to be a concern.

Nowadays, there are several HR System solutions available that were built specifically for small businesses and start-ups.

They help and provide seamless integration with the existing systems, so you won’t have to get new compatible ones.

7. Automated Payroll

Automating payroll is one of the key benefits an HRIS solution can provide to small businesses, particularly those in the Philippines. 

We have one of the most complex payroll frameworks in the world.

For example, we have regular, special non-working, and special working holidays—each with different pay calculations.

Not to mention night differentials and overtime pay for worked holidays.

Are you a start-up or a small business looking for an HR System in the Philippines that can provide you with all the benefits listed above?

EasyHR is an HR System in the Philippines that helps your HR team manage employees through robust record-keeping and payroll functions.

Book a demo now and see for yourself what an HR system really is.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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