The Role of HRIS Software in the Philippines, Post-Pandemic


Now more than ever, HR professionals are more mindful of their employee’s health and well-being.

It has been two years since the pandemic, and the HR department is continuing to evolve, coming from the sad reality of having to lay off workers while keeping retained employees grounded, loyal, and self-confident. 

There have been many workforce repercussions because of what the pandemic has brought.

Many of us have grappled with doing meetings virtually, performing daily tasks through remote work, and for some, hybrid. 

HR professionals in the Philippines had to manage their whole workforce through those turbulent times.

The challenge now for any Human Resource Department is how to keep employees connected, engaged, motivated and productive. 

It is a fact that despite that trying period, there are still companies that are being held back by inefficient and manual HR processes.

HR should consider purchasing HRIS Software in the Philippines

If you are one of the many who have long been considering purchasing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software in the Philippines or perhaps intend to upgrade your own existing system, then this is a noteworthy read.

1. Automated

Manual is no longer applicable in HR, that is for the most part of its processes.

Automation is the name of the game.

One-click does a lot of work and this is needed when things are more urgent and information needs to be disseminated asap. 

2. Integrated

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) System Philippines helps organizations use an integrated set of HR modules to automate HR processes. 

3. Centralized 

In an organization recovering from the pandemic, there has to be a centralized approach wherein HRIS systems in the Philippines collect, store, manage, and interpret employee-related data from different units in the company.

This helps avoid redundancy and duplication.

4. Streamlined

An HRIS system in the Philippines is an ideal solution for streamlining HR processes.

Given the wide array of options of HRIS software in the Philippines available, each seemed to have customized features.

The process of selecting the most suitable HRIS system for an organization is a difficult thing to do.

5. Accessible

Because HRIS software Philippines is in the cloud, it can be accessed at any time, 24/7, any day and from anywhere you are.

When working from home and in a hybrid set-up are still practiced post-pandemic, having an accessible cloud HRIS is perhaps the best thing. 

6. Timed in Real-Time

It doesn’t get any better than this! Data and reports are in real-time.

It provides employees the much-needed information on demand like viewing payroll, updating data and information, and requesting approval on leaves, absences, and overtime.

7. Recruitment Management

A dependable HRIS system Philippines is able to streamline recruitment functions and can help simplify talent relationship management.

Successful recruitment relies solely on building long-term relationships with potential and current employees.

An automated recruitment process integrates seamlessly with the built-in reporting module to analyze trends and patterns in recruitment.

It also seamlessly integrates with job portals, internal websites, and employment-service providers to make hiring chaos-free.

8. Employee Communication

HRIS software ensures that employee communication is a paramount  concern post pandemic.

Information dissemination as well as employee dialogue between employees and HR staff is critical.

This may be done through an effective HRIS system wherein the HRIS software may have a notice board that shows important core information relevant to employees to understand and read. 

Moreover, HRIS provides a platform for HR departments to send direct messages to employees and managers about anything that is needed to be discussed and decided upon.

9. Automated Onboarding Process

Small businesses can already stop doing manual onboarding.

Automation in HRIS software can simplify their approval process and make it more streamlined, transparent, and engaging.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Are you searching for the best and most user-friendly HRIS?

EasyHR is here to provide you the following:

On-line and Real-time Employee 201 File

EasyHR enables users to see the employees detailed records including General Information (Address, Contact Numbers, Email, etc.), Payroll Details, Salary, Government statutory deduction details and numbers (TIN, SSS, PHIC, HDMF).

It also shows History of Changes and who made such updates in the 201 File records.

Users can also attach documents under the Memo tab purposely supporting changes in the 201 Filing.

Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation

Txt files or CSV Logs that are uploaded in the EasyHR will be computed automatically.

Users will no longer have to manually compute for Tardiness, Undertime, Overtime, Absences, and Holiday computations.

Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory Deductions

EasyHR also automatically computes standard Philippine Payroll including Statutory and mandatory deductions with ease and saves a lot of time in computing accurate net pay for Employees.

Loan Management

EasyHR allows an unlimited number of employee Loans (Ex. Cash Advances, SSS Salary and Calamity Loans, HDFM Loans, etc.) monitoring.

This will automatically reflect in the employees Loan Ledger as well as the Employees payslips.

Leave Management

Flexible and definable Leave Types that allows users to input Leave Credits and apply them efficiently and effectively. EasyHR can view the history of Leaves availed of by an employee.

Employee Portal

Allows employees to login to EasyHR and check their records online.

Instead of checking or having a hardcopy of their Payslip, Daily Time Records and even loans.

All they need to do is check the portal and view it effortlessly, saving a lot of time contacting the HR personnel staff.

Multi-company and Multi-Branch

EasyHR is capable of handling multi-company with multiple branches.

It will be very easy for a company to monitor a group of companies with multiple locations and branches and saves a lot of money and time.

At the end of the day, it’s not just about leveraging technology.

Rather, it’s about changing the mindset of companies and HR departments to think digitally.

Learning from the past two years, Human Resources should be agile when it comes to technology by having dependable HRIS software.

They can start doing what they do best and take it to the next level.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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