What has Payroll Got To Do with HRIS?


Payroll? HR? Are these processes the same?

Payroll and HR are critical aspects for any business no matter what the industry they operate in.

Both function separately and have their own jurisdiction.

Organizations were used to doing the traditional approach in the past wherein HR and payroll were two separate functions.

While it worked it was only good while it lasted. 

Payroll is responsible for your employees’ paychecks, withholding taxes, reconciling data and other benefits.

It is overwhelming enough to include  so many numbers, consuming more time than usual.

HR on the other hand is the system that works to manage payroll, to protect the business and to keep employees happy and synergized with the vision and mission of the company. 

So, how should payroll and HR interact?

And what has payroll got to do with HRIS? 

For an organization to maximize their business potential, it is important to make tasks simpler, operate more efficiently  and most of all, utilize the best platforms. 

The world is getting smaller and more connected by the day  and we have  also witnessed  organizations of all sizes join forces and synergize.

As these systems and HR share a lot of the same information, would it be wiser and more feasible for businesses to merge these two systems  into one? 

Majority have been clamoring for a more reliable system and looking into the benefits of what combining payroll and HR systems can do for them.

With the two joined together HRIS technology is now the endgame. 

With payroll now integrated with HRIS and payroll systems,  the rest of the functions of HRIS would include the following: management of personnel records  recruitment and selection, HR planning, training and development, benefits and compensation, planning and career development as well as health and safety relations.     

Let us now look into the benefits of integrating payroll and HRIS

  1. Reducing repetitive tasks and improving administrative workload

    There is so much time wasted in doing repetitive work in HR.
    Most often, repeated tasks stifles opportunities  and hinders them to concentrate more on strategies. 
    With payroll on board the HRIS,  HR personnel will now have more time to think on how to improve their recruitment tactics and initiatives as well as harness their payroll processing operations.  
    With just a click of a button, a single system for both payroll and HRIS is accessible from just about anywhere and at any time. 
  1. Focusing on the bigger picture 

    Every single bit of information covering the areas of HRIS and payroll systems, benefits administration, training and employment services (taes),  manpower reviews are now consolidated and it is much easier for HR managers and administrators to focus on the bigger picture for their organization.
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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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  1. Preparing reports is a breeze

    Making and preparing reports would have never been that convenient without an HRIS.  
  1. Simplifying the access to information 

    By incorporating payroll into the HRIS and payroll systems, organizations who use employee portals are now appreciating the efficiency and productivity  a simple process can create, benefitting the employees in general.
    They can now easily file for sickness and vacation leaves, payroll benefits and tax deductions.   
  1. Helping the environment

    There is a great environmental impact that paper production has on the trees. 
    Seemingly unnoticed, but the use of paper is minimized and eventually eradicated  with the use of an HRIS and payroll system.  
  1. Ensuring accuracy

    People are human and bound to commit mistakes.
    But an HRIS with a good track record and cloud- based is one that  can enhance security and ensure accuracy leading the company to exponential growth.   
  1. Saving money, time and resources

    If you are a small,  thriving business chances are, you want to have a system that can save you some money, time and resources.
    The many benefits of HRIS with payroll provides a suite of integrated HR tools that makes life easier for HR and the rest of the organization.     
  1. Increasing staff productivity

    HRIS automates and can provide the service that an HR department renders.
    Therefore it is more useful and productive to improve on teamwork and foster team building initiatives.

So, what has payroll got to do with HRIS?

It is part and parcel of an all-encompassing software solution that takes care of all HR functions and tasks at one platform with ease and convenience.

HRIS and payroll systems get the job done!

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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