Spot These Online Restaurant POS Features: A Guide


The days of someone taking your order, receiving your payment and putting it in the cash register are now over in modern-day restaurant business. Yes, Miss and Mister may still be there but the cash register has now been replaced by an online restaurant POS system.  

Although a POS for restaurants still begins with the customers’ orders, there has been significant changes that are making restaurants tick these days. As technology and customers’ needs have evolved, businesses have increasingly come to rely on online restaurant POS features to keep their businesses up and about. 

There’s no doubt that there exists a restaurant POS with the most suitable set of features that match the kind of restaurant you have to help you grow your restaurant business. However, you have to be mindful of the features that are most suitable to you. 

Let us look closer into what restaurants can do with the right online restaurant POS system. Here are some of the online restaurant POS features to look out for when choosing your POS for a restaurant. These can definitely simplify business operations and make your restaurant successful. Having these built-in features working seamlessly with your other restaurant software is a potential game-changer! So, go ahead and spot these:

1. Inventory Tracking and Management

Having the right ingredients and the right amount on hand and determining the customer demands are both vital factors in inventory tracking and management. Not having a balance of both can make or break restaurant operations. Gauging which items are more popular than others and starting to be bestsellers and which will be stationed on the shelves has always been one of the food business’ great challenges.

An Online restaurant POS software can make a big difference in keeping updated inventory levels. It offers the convenience of keeping track of what you have on stock and what customers are or aren’t interested in. Some online restaurant POS solutions can even inform you when your inventory on a certain hot-selling item is running low. This is very crucial especially during peak season. You cannot afford to disappoint your customers because your world-famous Garlic Bread is without garlic! The last thing you want on a busy Friday night is to run out of your bestselling items.

2. Staff Scheduling

While online restaurant POS systems do not usually offer management of manpower and resources, most of the ones available can easily integrate with the existing HR platform, which can improve and better expand your capabilities of staff scheduling. It is a given fact that scheduling staff and budgeting manpower costs are essential. Make certain that the restaurant POS you pick seamlessly integrates with the manpower scheduling software you have enabling you to grow your team as well as your business. 

You can also choose an online restaurant POS with some scheduling functions and tools that can assist you in managing shifts and provide data to enable you to make better and on-point scheduling decisions. 

3. Sales Reporting

Spot an online restaurant POS feature that creates sales reports and helps managers track the performance of individual establishments in different locations. 

Data is critical in determining which products sell like hotcakes and which ones are slow-moving. You can be guided accordingly on how to focus on your biggest revenue generators which is crucial for your forecasting and strategizing.

Depending on the POS for restaurant you choose, there are sales reporting functions that  may include total sales, sales for any given time period, sales per item or category, and sales by item or server. 

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Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

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EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

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4  Customer Management

There are online restaurant POS systems that have the feature to store basic customer data like names and contact information. Take note of this because such information is very helpful. This generated data can give sales managers and servers the ability to personalize the dining experience and thereby improve customer loyalty.

By collecting customer information carefully, one can identify valued customers and already anticipate their orders and preferences. After all, there are few things as satisfying and comforting as going somewhere where everyone knows you!

5. Kitchen Coordination

Strong communication system and order accuracy is derived from having a great online restaurant POS.  Use a POS for restaurant that has a feature to  easily track orders and ensure that customers get their meals quickly and exactly as requested. 

6. Security

Spot an online restaurant POS system that comes with a cash drawer that helps manage security where it all begins, at the point of sale terminal. By using two cash drawers that are attached to a single, shared POS terminal and printer, each drawer is assigned to a single server. This restaurant POS with the cash drawer  attached allows managers to hold employees accountable.

7. Combo Builders

Do you know that some combo meals can be generated from the online restaurant POS main entry suggestions? Restaurant owners offer combinations by grouping other items with their bestsellers. It is easier for servers and more efficient for kitchen operations.

8. Health and Food Safety Checker

A POS for restaurant with health and food safety tools built-in helps your employees determine exactly what their tasks are every day. With its integrated checklists, temperature logs, and other important documentation on hand,  you can make their job easy. When the health inspector calls, they can simply print out your up-to-date paperwork.

9. Integrated Payments

Handling payments meticulously and carefully is key to business success. So, it is something you want to do as  safely and efficiently as possible to keep your kitchen pumping out the orders. If your payment system isn’t properly integrated into your online restaurant POS, you could be operating inefficiently.

Spot an online restaurant POS with a simple payment scheme that lets you accept different online payment methods,  so you can already anticipate payments and payables. 

10. Government Compliance

All companies regardless of industry should be compliant with government requirements and regulations. If you are a large taxpayer, the BIR requires you to use a computerized accounting system or CAS. However, you have to apply with the BIR for an authority to use CAS. Make sure that your onl;ine restaurant POS is integrated with a CAS-ready accounting system.

Stop looking elsewhere. EasyPOS is here to provide you with an online restaurant POS that has all the features you are searching for. Plus, it is accredited by the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue) to issue Official Receipts (OR) or Sales Invoices (SI) without using Manual / written forms.

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EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

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EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

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