The Many Things A Restaurant POS Can Do To Your Business


Most often, people just perceive the restaurant point of sale (POS) as a simple cash register that performs sales transactions with customers.

Easily they punch in order, receive payment then say goodbye, see you again kind of thing! 

However, these days, a restaurant POS is more than just a simple low-key cash register.

Believe it or not, it can help you grow your revenue, improve customer experience and help make strategic plans to better informed decisions for your business!

A retail POS  that is being utilized in restaurants does not just perform its day-to-day operations but also improves sales which leads to long-term growth.

These advanced and more innovative retail POS systems are made to work and scale offering a wide array of add-on solutions like reservations and online ordering.

These are features that a restaurant can offer to help the business grow and keep up with the changing times. 

What Does A Restaurant POS Do? 

A restaurant POS or Point of Sale is a system that consists of hardware and software that work together to handle sales and business transactions.

POS systems are widely used in retail businesses and are also used in restaurants and other food and beverage businesses.

One thing to consider is buying a retail POS system that is designed specifically for the kind of business it operates.

Restaurant POS for restaurants, retail POS for department stores. 

For retail POS software, products of the store are all included in the inventory with numbers  or barcodes.

These barcodes are the ones that are the retail software is primarily designed to complete sales transactions.

This is the reason why most retail pos terminals are in just one place and is not moved around.

With a modern restaurant POS, it works in a different way.

It is more than just taking orders.

Restaurants and other food locations from food trucks to fast food joints to fine dining restaurants, all now use their restaurant POS as the main operations hub for their business. 

There are three general benefits that a restaurant POS does.

These are:

  • Increase your sales
  • Improve your guest experience
  • Inform your business decisions

However, there are also specific ones that make a modern restaurant retail POS a much-needed software tool in business. 

First, it can help increase sales.

A modern and innovative POS is mobile and can be moved around from place to place.

It can speed up transactions and can cater to many customers as you can, earning more as a result.

Second, it can also take tableside orders.

Tableside ordering is such a great help, and it can save a lot of time because it speeds up the orders.

A server’s product knowledge is more consistent because they can carry it around with them, such a good move.

EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

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EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

Click to Learn More.

There are many restaurants that can actually testify to the growth and increase in sales because of the table ordering feature.

Third, it can optimize menu prices.

Look for a POS system provider that fan optimizes menu prices.

A dependable restaurant retail POS can help break down food costs and contribution margins.

This can help with the cost of the food on the menu.

When prices increase, you will be guided to also raise the price of your food.

And once you do decide to raise prices, a restaurant POS will also let you update your menu instantly from anywhere at any time.

Fourth, a working restaurant POS makes you determine which items on the menu are bestsellers and more profitable.

The number of orders shows it all.

How many seafood marinaras were sold in a day?

What is your profit margin? 

Fifth, it helps eliminate employee pilferage and theft.

Employee theft is real.

There are restaurant theft in the past that involves committed employees, and that is about 75% to 85%.

The rest of it can be due to spoilage, wastage, and bad stocks. 

A restaurant POS can help fight against employee theft that helps in increasing sales. 

Then with extra bacon, for example, the server has to enter it into the POS.

Sixth, it can help strengthen loyalty and boost customer retention.

A POS system provider can do just that! You can create a loyalty program that rewards repeat customers and encourage them to keep coming back – and 

Seventh, it can take online orders. Your restaurant POS can help you take online ordering directly!

Eighth, it can improve communication between the front and back of the house.

It instills a system of clear, concise, and consistent communication to help avoid errors that slow down service and frustrate customers.

It improves everything. 

The list can go on and on, it just goes to show that a restaurant POS can do wonders for your business.

And what about a pos system provider?

This is the most crucial part.

Look for a POS system provider that can enhance everything and make things easy for your restaurant.

Look for EasyPOS.

Choose EasyPOS.

Here are 3 Reasons why you should use EASYPOS:

EasyPOS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

  1. Customizable restaurant setups, from menu items to table groupings.
  1. Complete sales and inventory system with item components for backflushing inventory.
  1. Unlimited discounting, Multiple price levels, Unlimited pay types, e.g., Cash, Credit Cards, Gift Certificates, etc.

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EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

Click to Learn More.
EasyPOS Logo

Easy POS sets your establishment the right way by helping you manage day-to-day transactions on the dot.

Click to Learn More.

Easy Series

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Barcode and Touchscreen Interface that can be used for both groceries and restaurant setup respectively. Plus it is already BIR Accredited to legally issue Sales Invoice (SI) and Official Receipts (OR).

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