Build A Better Place To Work In With HRIS


There have been many obstacles that concern every HR department in the past years.

But with cloud-based solutions, things have improved rapidly.

It has been said that HRIS – Human Resource Information System – will dominate the HR world and it will do wonders to its operations. 

No matter what the industry is, all companies need people who have the skills to make things work and to make the business grow.

That is why it is critical to have a strong and reliable Human Resource Information System or HRIS.

Now more than ever, industries are investing in HRIS to manage people, monitor employees, gain insights, and look after their well-being in order to promote a healthy workplace culture and improve employee experience that will translate to a healthy and well-established business. 

With the right tool for HR, small and big businesses alike can reap rewards from the positive impact HRIS brings to the table.

Today, you can manage HR easily, quickly, and conveniently, leveraging cloud-based technology to harness improved service, to save time, as well as to enjoy an overall pleasant experience. 

What does cloud-based HR software mean? 

Cloud-based HRIS or Human Resource Information system is a system that helps your business gather, process, store and use varied information in one software.

It is hosted on your system provider’s remote server and you have the ability to access it whenever you need to, from wherever you are. 

To put it simply, cloud HRIS is better, quicker, and easier for your HR department to use.

Traditional HR systems have their limitations.

It requires installation across the rest of your local network.

But cloud HR software systems make you utilize a provider’s software instead of investing in very expensive infrastructure and regular maintenance from IT professionals.

Why invest in costly HR infra when you just utilize a cloud-based HR software that can still do the same thing, even better? 

When it’s already in the cloud, all you have to do is pay a monthly or annual fee to be able to be given access to better tools and newly enhanced system features.

Another great thing about using HRIS is that you can quickly seek help if you encounter any trouble, the providers will do the troubleshooting for you.

Do you want to build a better place to work in?

Try this more streamlined process, removing many of the hassles of the old HR method.

The details will be handled by HRIS and you can now focus on running your business with the best in mind. 

Here is some exciting information on utilizing HRIS and on how cloud HR software can help your company’s workforce management become more effective.

Build a better place to work in with HRIS: 

1. Flexible 

HRIS systems offer flexibility, agility, and fast service.

They are adaptable and quickly meet the demands of your business, regardless of size and kind of industry.

It can tailor fit your needs successfully.

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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2. Centralized System of Management

Everything is in one place with HRIS.

So, no matter the size of your business, you can check and monitor important information from wherever you are and whatever place you are in the world.

And because everything is in one centralized place, nothing gets altered or lost. 

3. Functional

HRIS has all the latest technology, which basically sets your HRIS at the highest level of peak performance.

It is very functional and offers the functionality to access from your smartphone, Ipad, laptop, and a lot more smart devices.

4. Cost Efficient

Rather than relying on an on-premise software system that throws off the budget, you can use a more cost-effective system provided by a budget-friendly cloud HRIS service provider.

This is way more practical than buying, installing, and migrating expensive on-premise software.  

5. Time-Saving

Using HRIS system software cuts down on the number of administrative duties you need to perform.

Automation is key.

So HR functions are automated and improved. Looking for a real-time saver?

HRIS has got this for you! 

6. Safe and Secure

You have complete access control and you have the most modern security features that are military-grade, so to speak. 

7. Insightful 

With all your pertinent data stored in one safe place, you can refer to it for a more detailed analysis of each employee you have.

HRIS can provide you with the insights you need for strategic planning.

8. Scalable 

You can scale up or down when you need to.

You are able to quickly and conveniently adapt to HR workload demands and apply changes as needed.

9. Compliant 

Keeping with HR and employment laws is critical. HRIS makes this easier as you can adapt your procedures and features when you need to.

Manage your HR operations with ease.

Speed-up HR processes through EasyHR with the following EasyHR features: 

  • On-line and real-time Employee 201 File
  • Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation
  • Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory Deductions
  • Loan Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Multi-company and Multi-Branch

Build a better place to work in with cloud HRIS.

Nothing can do it better than how EasyHR does for your business.

Book a demo today. Look into:

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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