Get To Know The Top HRIS System In The Philippines


One of the most crucial departments in an organization that can make or break a company is Human Resources.

HR is the one in charge of various processes and procedures that are related to employment.

It serves as a strong support to management in strategizing and development.

HR is one of the pillars of success and growth in a company, as they help employees become acquainted with their new working environment, consult them on matters of concern, and create policies that help maintain a professional working environment.

Furthermore, there are many tasks that are laid on the table for HR personnel like talent acquisition, employee management, and development as well as payroll.

It is critical that the HR staff are able to go through these processes and implement their policies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

That’s why choosing the best HR system in the Philippines is first and foremost a priority. 

There are a plethora of payroll systems in the Philippines, each of them offering its own advantages and disadvantages and best serving different types of organizations.  

Which one is for you, exactly? 

Before taking a look at the top HRIS system in the Philippines, you have to be guided on the basic considerations in choosing the payroll system in the Philippines that best fits your company’s needs:

Assess Your Needs.

First things first: determine the needs and requirements of your company to help you decide which particular HR system best suits the organization.

Understand exactly what you’re looking for in an HRIS system

What would you like to see automated and what tasks are redundant that you need streamlined?

What kind of data do you need help organizing, tracking, and analyzing?

How many employees do you have?

Take time out in assessing your needs.

In doing so, it will be easier to choose once you see the list.

Know and Establish Your Budget.

You will have to determine the budget for your new HR system Philippines.

This is an important factor to take into account.

Can you afford it?

How much can you spare and spend? 

Consult Management.

Investing in a new HR system in the Philippines affects the whole company, not just the stakeholders but the different departments like HR, IT, and all the employees in the company.

Take some time to consult them and listen to their views.

Allow them to share their own needs and concerns and consider them when choosing an HRIS.

Search for Vendors and Meet with Them

Once you are able to determine your needs, consult with management as well as come up with the budget, you can now progress to speaking with different HRIS vendors about the payroll system they offer. 

EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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Take part in Demos

This is very important.

Demos are a crucial step in helping you choose the right HR system in the Philippines.

Keep an open mind and try to learn from the demos.

Bring in any HR personnel who will be using the HR system so they can weigh their options. 

Choose and Implement

Now you can pick from among a wide variety of HR systems in the Philippines.

Here are the following top HR systems you can choose from:

1. peopleHum

PeopleHum is a one-view integrated HRIS in The Philippines.

It has an extensive platform that has hiring functions using an AI-driven application tracking system or ATS.

2. Sprout Solutions

Sprout Solutions is one of the top HR system solutions in the Philippines.

It offers automation from timekeeping all the way to disbursement and payroll.

It also enables companies to manage all their HR processes in one place including digital 201 files with dependable leave management, employee management, time and attendance management as well as people analytics.

3. GreatDayHR

It is a cloud-based HR and payroll system in The Philippines that offers a streamlined, automated service that assists in managing payroll, tax computations, leave requests and other employee-related services.

4. HR Easily

HR Easily is a platform that provides you with HR system solutions with user-friendly services to improve productivity by streamlining HR work processes such as payroll processing, digitizing/capturing documentation, employment contracts, staff management, and a lot more.

5. Finn

Finn automates the Payroll, Dashboard, KPIs and timesheets making life easier for HR.

6. miHCM

Microimage HCM or miHCM is also a cloud-based HR system.

This payroll software in the Philippines offers Time Off Management, Recruitment Management, Compensation Management, Payroll Management, Employee Database, Employee onboarding, applicant tracking, real-time reporting and workflow management. 

These are just the widely used HR system in the Philippines.

And here is one more to complete the list: EasyHR.

Easy HR is one that you can depend on as you manage employees through robust record-keeping and payroll functions.

With EasyHR’s features, you will know what to choose. 

  • On-line and Real-time Employee 201 File
  • Automatic DTR (Daily Time Recording) Computation
  • Payroll Computation with Philippine Statutory and Mandatory   Deduction
  • Loan Management
  • Leave Management
  • Employee Portal
  • Multi-company and Multi-Branch

For a free demo, check out:

EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

Click to Learn More.
EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

Click to Learn More.

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