What To Look For in an HRIS


To help manage, organize and streamline the efficiency and promote productivity of human resources, it is critical to employ and carefully choose an HRIS (Human Resource Information System).

However, choosing the best and most suitable HRIS for your organization is not a decision to be taken lightly. 

You need an HRIS and payroll system that will allow you to automate and handle these tasks seamlessly with ease and convenience across, not only with HR, but also payroll, accounting, and business management.

All these should also be integrated in a most organized manner.

What  exactly is an HRIS? 

A Human Resource Information System, commonly known as HRIS, is a seamless integration between Human Resources and Information Technology.

It’s a system that  is centralized and its functions are: storing, tracking, and managing all information related to all tasks of human resources operations which includes employee demographics, time records,  attendance hours, medical details, policies, loans, schemes, benefits and more.

All of these can be managed from one single platform, the HRIS.

HRIS and More 

HRIS platforms allow departments to effectively plan, centralize, and control a variety of human resources processes that are crucial to the decision-making process of the whole organization.

A dependable HRIS can also strengthen employee confidence and experience, which can result in forged loyalty and strong retention.

It is important to know what to look for in a dependable HRIS and payroll system.

The right HRIS can provide a big help to your company’s HR department.

It’s not just the tools it offers, but also how these tools will serve your business.

In this regard, you should choose an HRIS sysytem that will suit your company’s needs.

Before enumerating the important considerations, here are some factors to consider when choosing an HRIS:

  • Size / population of employees or total workforce
  • Reporting and tracking capabilities
  • Available training systems
  • Payroll functions

What To Look For?

A) Comprehensive Database of Employees

An HRIS that you can rely on gives you, your HR department and your whole workforce access to each individual information.

By providing a complete and comprehensive database and directory for each employee, an HRIS can strengthen ties, strengthen communication between employees and their respective  departments, thus making a more productive and conducive workplace.

B) Applicant tracking and onboarding

Recruiting people and choosing the best ones for the job is a tedious task.

It takes a lot of time and effort to recruit, hire and train new people to add to your team. 

With a dependable HRIS and payroll system, your company’s recruitment process can determine any hopefuls who will apply, and it can leave important information about interviews and you can track where any potential applicant is in the application process.

Once hired, that new employee can use the HRIS and payroll system to go through company-assigned  training modules as the onboarding process continues. 

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C) Organized Administration and Monitoring of Benefits

Your employees should be able to monitor their benefits.

With an HRIS in place, employees have access to be able to track their leave credits,  201 files, check on their healthcare plans, and make certain amendments when the need arises.

D) Payroll Processing and Monitoring

An HRIS and payroll system is a one-stop shop kind of system.

There are plenty of online payroll systems available, some of which are part of an HRIS platform. 

Through an HRIS and payroll system, managers are able to track their subordinate’s time and attendance, while employees can utilize the system to time in and out, make requests for paid time off, holiday work and it can also allow them to take a look at their paychecks with specific breakdown.

E) Customized Reporting and Data Generation

Through an HRIS and payroll system, you can create and customize meaningful reports that highlight where your company is succeeding and where it can improve on.

By quantifying the information available, you can make certain that your company operates productively with high efficiency.

F) Accessible Anytime 

Gone are those troublesome days when you had something important to do in the HRIS and you are catching up with time.

Worse, you are away from your computer. 

With today’s cloud-based HRIS systems, data is made more accessible across multiple devices.

The staff can access their HRIS wherever they are and whenever they want to: from across the street or from a cafe across the country.

A good and dependable HRIS is secure yet accessible and you can update your database from anywhere around the globe. 

HR Made Easy

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Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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EasyHR Logo

Automate your payroll processing with easyHR’s cloud-based software solution

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