The Essentials of a Centralized Management System for Multi-Branch Businesses


Regardless of the kind of business you have, managing it is a challenge for all business owners and managers.  To manage successfully, there are several aspects of the business that need to be addressed. 

There are several components of business that are pivotal to business management. In multi-store businesses, several procedures may differ from that of managing just one store. These procedures must be one and the same, meaning they should be standardized for all branches. Most importantly, it should be properly cascaded and discussed with all branches concerned and then implemented. This is where the centralized management system comes in. 

The main processes of a central management system will include the following: employee training, communication, data management, and inventory optimization for each and every branch. These components of a centralized management system are essential to managing multi-branch businesses.

Component 1 – Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

It is imperative to have SOPs or standard operating procedures when running a store with multi-location or multi-branches.  The next one is to point out some policies and refine them so that these policies and procedures can work across the whole network of stores. These policies include how the network will be organized, employee procedures, as well as store policies like payment systems and others. It should be the same for all the branches so that there will be no problems and confusion along the way. In fact, even branding, arrangement, culture, and aesthetics have to be taken into account so there is oneness, unity, synergy, and uniformity.

Component 2 – Employee Management and Synergy

Having multiple branches would require a steady stream of employees between different locations. There should be a proper roll-out of employee protocol and Human Resource relations. For this purpose, employees must be properly trained and equipped based on the standards of the company. With this said, the employees have one voice in servicing the client across all branches to have that sense of branding and identity.

Additionally, it can be a good practice to share the best practices of each store to contribute to the growth of the entire chain of stores. This can be enforced by having training and meetings to foster employee synergy and collaboration. Team building activities are also encouraged.

One thing that is also important is talent management. Knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of each store location in terms of human resources can help identify shortages and balance talent across the network. It should be able to determine and help compensate for what other employees lack. For example, one employee is good with PR, while the other one is with sales. Both should be made aware of their strengths and should be able to work together. 

In this manner, the company is less likely to be surprised by undesirable events such as a shortage of labor, a lack of expertise, or the bad handling of customers. In essence, it is having good and well-engaged employees that can make a business with multi-branches succeed. 

Component 3 – Network Wide Communication

You need to establish your corporate headquarters first. This is where important decisions will be made with owners and managers and the location should be strategic enough for other branches to reach and it should facilitate ease of communication. There should be frequent visits to foster communication. The presence of managers alone can be a source of encouragement and motivation among employees.

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BIR-accredited easyPOS is your all-in-one solution to manage your sales, inventory, and customer data in real time!

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EasyPOS Logo

BIR-accredited easyPOS is your all-in-one solution to manage your sales, inventory, and customer data in real time!

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Component 4- Payment  Methods

In managing multi-branch businesses you must also keep in mind uniformity and consistency across all branches. You need to have some parity in the payment method accepted, as well as the standard organization of the store. Your customers would not want to go inside one branch paying with a credit card and go to another paying in cash, because credit is not accepted. 

This example is one of many, and it may not be pleasant at all to neglect these components in a multi-branch business.

Component 5 – Multi-Branch POS

Having a POS for multi-branch locations is the best decision you can ever make if you have a business with multiple branches. To get an accurate and complete picture of the status and performance of all stores. Managers and headquarters must be able to access all store data at the same time. Hence, a Multi-branch POS is a must-have.

The use of POS for multi-location businesses which is a cloud-based software and database is essential for viewing data anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. Many benefits are quickly noticeable when switching to a Multi-branch POS powered by the cloud, like security, centralized promotions, offerings, a general overview of the whole network,  data protection, and accessibility. 

Component 6 – Inventory Management

When a business has multi branches, it must be aware of the overall inventory.  In this way, it will be much easier to replace, replenish and know which stocks are fast moving and which are slow moving. With a Multi-branch POS, it will be rewarding to have an eye on the products sold by stores to ensure better inventory management. It can also help generate reports in each store and analyze your sales even by daypart. This will help you predict the demand for certain stocks in each store in a particular time frame.

If inventory management is not at all cohesive across the multi branches, there will be confusion and imbalance of inventory that will lead to some losses. 

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BIR-accredited easyPOS is your all-in-one solution to manage your sales, inventory, and customer data in real time!

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EasyPOS Logo

BIR-accredited easyPOS is your all-in-one solution to manage your sales, inventory, and customer data in real time!

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